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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Word for 2012 is...

... BLOOM!
vb (mainly intr)
1. (of flowers) to open; come into flower
2. to bear flowers; blossom
3. to flourish or grow
4. to be in a healthy, glowing, or flourishing condition

It was only a few years ago that I started to choose a word to be the tune for the upcoming year. A single word to symbolize how I'd want my year to feel and look like, a word to work on, instead of resolutions that tend to be easily forgotten along the way. Chosing a single word help me focus and direct my energies. As usual, it happens I have a single one recurrently coming to mind when I start to think of a new year ahead, without considering too much... The one I'm supposed to choose just holds on, when I try to explore new entries... It seems it's the word that's "choosing me"! Probably we unconsciously know what we'd love the new year to bring in to our lives. So I sincerely send that word out there in the Universe for it to align its energy around that idea...
In 2009 'Simplify' chose me. In 2010 I really needed to 'Relax'. 2011 was cadenced by the word 'Expand'. Now on to 2012. Opening up to new things and new possibilities, flourishing, staying in a healthy condition, expressing in my life the qualities I see in flowers: grace, simplicity, beauty, inspiration... this is how I'd love to live the year ahead. May I, dear Universe?
And you? Do you make New Year's resolutions or choose a word?
Monica x


  1. My mantra this year has been to "simplify" - actually your own from 2009! With six people in a tiny house, this will prove to be a tricky task. Each of us has our own precious belongings, and as the kids get older and amass more things, clutter has ensued! :O

  2. Monica, HAPPY NEW YEAR & I love your word. I didn't use to do resolutions (because I break them) but, in years past I have done words. Last year... NO WORD came to me & I will tell you that the year seemed to be a scattered mess. This year... I haven't really thought of it because again I am scattered. I DON'T want scattered to be my word! So, with your encouragement I will indeed be thinking of MY WORD! Hugs to you & Kim from Elle & I. PS: Elle had her surgery last week so the decission for NO PUPPIES is final. We had thought we might breed her but, she is too small & we don't want to risk loosing her.

  3. Monica, I made a resolution. Just one. It's enough to handle because it's a Big one! LOL! I need to remind myself of it constantly.

    I like your word!

    Hugs, Diane

  4. A perfect word for you as you travel on to new ways of living and working. Mine is Change, whether I like it or not. I am not fond of change, I like things to stay the same, but there will be no choice for me this year. I like Bloom a lot better.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Such great word......
    Such beautiful pictures to it....
    Fine evening

  6. Those Amaryllis are gorgeous..Hope your cold is getting better..Pretty word..I think you are w ell on your way:)

  7. beautiful images...
    sweet word = sbocciare!
    hugs from Italy

  8. I went with a word, mine is clarity!
    Happy New Year to all...

  9. I dream to create a "sweet & chic stall" with my crafts in the country fairs world!
    Magnifico il Vocabolario,come uno scrigno prezioso!

  10. bloom - i like it :)

  11. i usually make "resolutions" but i soooo adore your idea to choose a word! simply lovely! hmmmm...i think my word for 2012 will be...."seek." Seek beauty in everyone and everything....."seek and ye shall find! "

  12. That is fantastic idea !
    For me the word for this year is "Thought"
    Toward the end of last year I found a quote, that made me think:
    "All that we are is the result of what we have
    thought" - BUDDHA
    I will pay attention to my thoughts from now on...
    Stay well Dear ! Hugs from Florida

  13. Monica, that is a great word for you, I choose a word. this is my third year and the word is colorful. hope your feeling better. hugs. cin

  14. I chose a word...COMPLETE...is my word. I want to complete those projects I started in 2011.

  15. A perfect word. And, your photos are absolutely stunning.

    My word for every year is grace. It seems to stick with me, too, because I can never change it. I am always striving for grace in my life.

  16. Hi Monica,
    could you please e-mail me I don't see a contact on your blog. I have a request.Ciao Rita


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