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Saturday, December 31, 2011

BIG News! And About Dreams Coming True...

Licensing: the owner of a copyright, trademark, intellectual property etc. (defined as 'licensor') allows under written contract, another party (the 'licensee') to make, use and sell copies of the original.

As we are starting over with a new year, I'd love to begin it unfolding some really wonderful, exciting new opportunities I've been given.
I told you there was so much in the works over here, and I was very busy. The fact is, I signed on with Linda Mc Donald Inc. (will tell you about how wonderful she is later on!), and this means I am ready to finally license my work!... So in the future, you might bump into a greeting card, journal, gift bag, bookmark, fabric line, travel mug etc. etc. with one of my designs onto it!
This is THE job I've been dreaming of taking up forever!!!!! Even before I even knew what 'licensing' was...

All happened like magic and very quickly... when I committed to stop blocking the energy of the Universe with my fears... when I said a loud, profound YES to what was calling me deeply. Even if I myself thought I was crazy to even think that could be possible. A simple italian girl, taking up a career as professional artist? With an american agent? Hey, people are going to laugh at you, I kept telling me.
On my Illustrated Discovery Journal, I already showed here on my blog before, these images kept making their appearance, though... I've been a fan of these women forever!! I remember my teen years when I collected money in my piggy bank to be able to buy books, cards and journals illustrated by Marjolein.

Looking at them right now, all seems so surreal to me... I knew, and I didn't at the same time.

It really took me quite a while, and totally hard work to finally let my fears go and feel I was ready.
And when I finally have been, after years (yep, years!) of spiritual work and with a recovered, greater faith, all happened like magic. The agent I signed with is THE agent I've been dreaming of having to represent me since the moment when I understood THIS was what I was meant to do, years ago. When I hadn't the barest idea of how-to, practically, but that small voice was continually whispering me to walk on this path. I cannot tell you how good I feel knowing that it meant to happen... and that this is God's plan for me.
Hence, what I can say from my humble experience is that DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! So hold. on. to. yours!!!

"Opportunity never arrives. It's here!"

Monica x


  1. This post really made me smile. Well done you, have a great year x

  2. Dear Monica,

    I am so happy for you, sounds like a wonderful opportunity to showcase your beautiful work.
    Wishing you all good things in 2012 for you, dear friend.
    Many thanks for the lovely Christmas card and I am grateful for your friendship.
    Best wishes, love & hugs

  3. Oh - that is so great news Monica - big congrats and so well deserved. I´m SO happy for you and wish you the most wonderful New Year and hope all your dreams will come true.
    xo Tina

  4. Happy New Year Monica !
    Bonne Année !

  5. Well good for you Monica, congrats! Looking forward to see your stuf....maybe overhere to!
    xxx Marga

  6. Gelukkig Nieuwjaar !!!....ik hoop dat al je dromen mogen uitkomen......Liefs Ria...xxx...

    Happy New Year !!!...I hope all your dreams may come true....Love Ria....xxx.....

  7. Wow..my favorite ladies are there I see..You ARE one of those..Yippee ..
    C'est fabuleux!!!!
    Your husband knew who he was buying those pencils for:)
    A Star is Born.

  8. Wow Monica this is so exciting. I am so happy for you and what a fantastic way for you to start 2012. We are all here for you cheering you on.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Congratulations! Sounds like your New Year is off to a wonderful start!! Happy New Year!!

  10. WOW!
    Happy New Year and Happy New You too!

    And the book....?


    Sandie xx

  11. This is great news!!!!!! Congrats!!

  12. What an amazing adventure you are now embarking on...it's wonderful Monica!! I'm thrilled for you -- you had a dream, held on to it and it is now taking flight. You inspire!! Congratulations!

  13. Happy New Year Monica - Looks like 2012 will be all you hope for...

  14. It is so Wonderful, so Joyful and Inspirational to to see the Magic work itself completely around those who genuinely believe it and seek it Wholeheartedly. Congratulations! Happy New Year!

  15. Sounds like 2012 is off to a roaring great start for you dear friend. Congratulations!! All my love to you and Kim! Sharon

  16. I am so happy for you-congratulations!

    Happy New Year.

  17. Congratulations!I tuoi lavori esprimono una raffinata dolcezza che arriva dritta al cuore di chi ti segue.
    Happy New Year!

  18. I am so happy for you... It will be fun to watch your soar!
    Happy New Year Monica~

  19. Congratulations Monica! Your work is beautiful and you deserve the good things coming your way! Always keep an open mind and a positive attitude.
    That's my motto for the new year!

  20. woohooo Congratulations, sounds like dream come too...

  21. Your small voice has been answered loudly! xo

  22. That is amazing news, Monica, you are so talented I am not the least surprised!!! You have such a gift,and I am so happy we can all have a piece of it, soon!! Congrats, my friend, and a very happy new year!!!

  23. Dear Monica,

    This is such exciting news. Congratulations. Your work is beautiful and I will be watching for your name out there. Happy New Year!

  24. Una ragazza italiana con un grande talento!Complimenti e buon anno nuovo.

  25. I am so very happy for you Monica, what a wonderful way to start a New Year, may ALL of your dreams come true :)

  26. Congrats, dreams do come true.
    Happy New Year

  27. really? wow! oh my! Amaaazingliy wonderful news and couldn't have happened to a nicer nor more talented person than yourself! you know i'm one of your biggest fans! soo porud of you sweet Monica! Bonne Chance mon amie!! ;)

  28. Dreams really do come true ♥
    What an incredible beginning to 2012!
    Happy New Year xo

  29. Oh congratulations Monica! I'm thrilled for you and am not surprised at all, considering your vast talent. I look forward to hearing more about the next steps. Enjoy this patiently awaited dream come true!
    - Susan

  30. Monica, such wonderful news, so well deserved! Congratulations to you. 2012 is going to be a beautiful year! Rachaelxo

  31. Monica, how amazing and wonderful! A gift beyond words! Being allowed to share your talents and inspirations! I'm thrilled and happy for you~
    Congrats and Cheers to 2012! Happy New Year~
    Your dreams have arrived! xo

  32. Fantastic...amazing...congratulations! Enjoy!!

  33. That is wonderful news, Monica. What happy news for the new year.


  34. My dear friend, this is such wonderful news! Your work is so inspiring and it is no wonder it will be available for all to enjoy. I am so very happy for you and can't wait until I see your work in print! I am inspired to dream big because of you my friend:)

    xo, abby

  35. Monica, you were already a star to me, but now it is official. I am so happy for you.♥

  36. A big hug from me to you...congratulations.
    What a great way to start a New Year.
    And, again, we do have something in common....Marjolein Bastin.
    I have/do collect illustrations of her that where published in the magazine "Libelle" over here.

  37. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to you beautiful and talented Italiana! I was just planning to stop by and say hello and ask you if you now "own" Somerset Life {wink, wink}, but then I get to hear this wonderful news! I've licensed my work before {without an agent }and it was challenging but so rewarding. I'm sure your journey will be wonderful and I cannot wait to see your creations in America.

    Ciao bella ragazza,

  38. Hi Monica, I am so happy for you! Congratulations.

    Wishing you the best and happiest year ever.

    Barb ♥


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