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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Icy Wreath Tutorial.

As my icy wreath in a previous post sparked the interest of some of you, I thought I might prepare a tutorial. It's super easy and fast to make... you just need to be patient while it's in the freezer!

There's still time to make one to amaze your guests! You can prepare it in advance (with your children too!), but be sure not to display it until Christmas day because, obviously... it tends to melt!;))

For my ice wreath this year I used  natural elements and greenery from the garden, burlap and twine, and a few tiny glass baubles.  But you can use whatever you want! Any combination will be stunning- I promise!


Should you fancy, you can display it as an outdoor centerpiece... I tried to use it indoors but it melts too quickly, so I don't recomment that to avoid annoying mess when your guests arrive :(

Here we go with the simple instructions for the one featured here. 
1. Gather your supplies: small pinecones, cinnamon sticks, star anise, acorns, fir branches, and a circular shaped mold with a hole in the middle.

2. Put the pinecones, cinnamon sticks, etc in the mold, alternating them a bit.

3. Cover with fir branches.

4. Fill in with water.

5. As the small elements tend to float around, try to insert them underneath the fir.

6. Put in the freezer overnight.
7. Put the mold under water to extract the icy wreath, put a string to hang it and embellish with ribbons, fir branches,...
8. Enjoy the cheer it spreads while it's snowing! And please, please, please!!!!!! Let me see your own!:))
Monica x


  1. I really think it is just wonderful. I don't think it would melt here. I am going to try this next year. I love this idea Monica. hope you are doing well. ALL the best to you. thinking about you lots. hugs c

  2. Wow! I love this!! I hope to give this a try!

  3. You brought back memories..! I have an old mold I use for these!Your photos are just so nice!

  4. This is one of the prettiest wreaths I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing a tutorial, so nice of you.

    Merry Christmas.


  5. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lovely wreath.
    have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Your ice wreath is so beautiful, Monica !
    Thanks for sharing !

  7. Oh so beautiful! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  8. Very pretty and thanks for sharing the tutorial. Won't be making one here as our temps are suppose to be above freezing next weekend, and I had rather have the warmer weather.:D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Stunning and beautiful! Such a creative idea. LOVE it! Happy Holidays!

  10. Beautiful, but probably not suited for CA.

  11. This is so nice !! Monica.....thanks for sharing....lovely weekend...warmmm hugs from me....Ria....

  12. I love these! I have tried buckets in buckets, water in the big bucket and after freezing you can use them as candle holders. Have a great weekend. Your surroundings must be more fairy tale like than ever!

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is just so cool...but it would never fly here in Cali...I suppose I could just make it and let people have a "look-see" if my freezer? ;} It's really awesome!

    m ^..^

  14. Oh isn't this lovely.......
    Yours is georgeous!!!!
    Wishing you warm nice days my dear....but keep the ice wreath cool ;0)

  15. Looks like you have a lot of snow there Monica, it is cold here but just a dusting of snow, still this wreath would be great outside, it is very special :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday, you must be on cloud nine with all the lovely trips to England. Enjoyed your posts today.
    Hugs, Lynn

  16. Lovely! It captures the magic of winter and the season. Merry Christmas!

  17. So pretty and unique Monica :)
    Hope you are having fun and making lots of memories :)
    Hugs to Kimmie!

  18. That is really beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

  19. Dear Monica,

    I love your pretty wreath ~ I made one with wild flowers one winter.
    Looks like you had a fun time hitting the shops of Oxford and the CK bag and things you bought are pretty.
    I have been thinking of you this season and I did not know if you were still at the address, hence I have not posted you a little Xmas gift.
    Merry Christmas, happy holidays and may 2011 be a wonderful year for you, with good health, and contentment.

    Hugs & blessings

  20. I absolutely love this!!! Too bad it would melt lickity split in the warm temps we've been having here. Visiting your blog is always a treat. Merry Christmas my friend!!

  21. Stunning! What a clever idea! And all the goodies you put inside of it are so delightful!

  22. oh my goodness...what a nice idea!! Have a wonderful christmas and may all your dreams come true!!

  23. oh my ..this is gorgeous!

    Deborah :)

  24. This is one of the most beautiful and creative ideas I have ever seen!

  25. I love this idea. I freeze water in Jelly Molds of different shapes and put them in my big wine bucket at parties during the holidays to chill the wine - everyone loves the look of the big formed ice pieces. Will have to add the frozen wreath as a decor. Cool idea!

  26. Hello:o)
    I discovered your beautiful and original wreath by chance and wanted to pin it to Pinterest, but unfortunately I was unable to. So I wonder if you have considered adding Pinterest to the sites where your creativity can be shared.


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