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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Looking Back: My Pink 2010!

It looks incredible it's the very end of another year! 
To say good bye to this exciting year, filled with spiritual and personal growth , I'm posting a collage of a meaningful photo from each month. I chose to stick to a 'pink' theme as I noticed this color made its appearance often in my posts over the year (even if I'm a white and blue girl at heart!), not only on Pink Saturdays! ;) 

As usual, I started 2010 with my gratitude journal and my faithful companion, Simple Abundance. 

In February, I shared with you my collection of vintage Valentines.

In March I opened a vintage shop on Etsy, I was unexpectedly forced to close after a few months only, due to personal reasons.

While the month of April was a challenge for me, because of my accident and my Dad's surgery, I tried to keep my chin up eating chocolate eggs and playing with my camera!

In May I really enjoyed Nature, Spring weather after a long winter, and my peonies!

In June I participated in Where Bloggers Create Party and shared pictures of my studio.

July was a moment of reflection, I gave myself permission to play and relax...

August was nothing short of incredible and amazing! Complete strangers rang at the door asking if our home was for sale and they bought it in a beating of wings, I made it to the cover of Artful Blogging, I had my work published again and again, and I was incredibly creative... I chose these colorful pictures to represent how I felt, perceiving Abundance all around me...

In October, off we went to England...

... and in November we were back again!

I lastly savored each and every day of the month of December, spread some cheer with a giveaway, and I spent an unusual, simple, peaceful, restful and joyous Christmas with my family, grateful for all the blessings this year has brought me.
A happy, prosperous New Year to all of you. My wish is that you grow in harmony and beauty inside and outside, and spread your wings to fly free!
With love (and gratitude),
Monica x.