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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ribbon Rose Tutorial.

Update: see this in print here.
Hello dear friends and readers! 
As you requested, here are the simple instructions to make a ribbon rose.

You will basicly need a hot glue gun + glue sticks and ribbon with wired edge, as the one I'm using in this tutorial. But you can make a gorgeous rose even with 'normal' ribbon or stripes of fabric.

Do not cut the ribbon from the spool. Fold it at the free edge to create a triangle...

... then fold again (this will be the center of you rose).

Twist and turn the ribbon around, finding a pleasant arrangement and fix with a dab of hot glue at every turn.

Twist and turn around and around, until you have a rose of a good size.

Now cut the ribbon, leaving about 4" to be twisted on the back and fixed with glue, so that you have the rear of your rose tidy too.

When your roses are ready (I use to make some so I have them on hand when I need to gift wrap), create a bow with anything you like. I used burlap, twine, raffia and lace in this tutorial, but satin or silk ribbon, rick- rack, or anything else would be fine. 

Secure with a safety pin to the back of the rose...

... and voilà! I presented it on a handstamped tag...

Have fun!
Monica x.


  1. Thank you for the ribbon tutorial. I want to try to make one. sandi

  2. Hello Monica

    What an interesting a pretty looking tutorial. Thank you

    Have a lovely weekend

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. Hi Monica,

    Lovely craft,I adore roses,especially the creamy white ones.
    I think I will make one today.Thanks for the tutorial.


  4. Oh Monica, I want to try this. Lovely!


  5. Monica, that is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thank you for this tutorial. You are amazingly talented.

    Happy Valentine's Day...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Mmmmmm I have been buying lots of ribbons lately for my albums... I think I will give this a try during my daughter's school vacation! We can make a bouquet! =) (I will show you!!!)

  7. So beautiful. My sister has made these for years but hers don't look exactly like yours. I like this one better. Your gift wrap is divine!!! I'm definitely going to make a bunch of these.

  8. Monica,
    Thanks so much for posting this. I can't wait to give it a try. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Oh my GOODNESSS!! It is simply perfect..your tutorial really help me to realize a rose!! Not exactly like yours...but something close to..
    I will take some pictures so you can get a look on my blog the result of your tutorial!! Wishes from Italy!! Angie

  10. What a great tutorial!! You made it look easy and so simple. Thanks so much!

  11. This looks really georgeous. It looks not difficult when you do it....but I believe that when I try........;(
    I am not so creative. But maybe I will try this ......
    Nice weekend

  12. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I may just have to try one.

  13. Love roses and yours is especially sweet! Thanks for the tutorial. Have a lovely weekend.


  14. Hi Monica! Thanks o much for coming over for a visit. And Thank you for this tutorial, I love ribbon roses and now I'm going to try to make my own!!! Happy Valentine's Day!
    My Desert Cottage

  15. Great tutorial. That's the way I make them too. I was just having to remember how to do it to show a vendor at the gift show. It came back to me but it was a sad little rose:)) lol
    I used to sew them....to chicken to hot glue.

  16. Hi Monica...Nice to meet you...I'll try my hand at your cute ribbon roses!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's day...
    stop over when time permits...love to have you visit,
    xoxo~kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  17. Monica you are so generous to show us how to make these beautiful roses. I think I would love to try my hand at these. Yours are gorgeous and can't even imagine doing this well ever, but I shall try.
    In case I haven't told you lately...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  18. Monica, thank you for sharing your beautiful ribbon rose tutorial, I now have to go find some lovely ribbon to try this with :) I have a hat I would love to add some too. Besos, Rose

  19. Just Gorgeous, I am going to have to try this myself..... It might take some practice to look good as yours.

    Thanks so much for sharing this step by step-

    Have a Wonderful Day-

  20. Great tutorial!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! And yes, the rose is wonderful! You did a great job! Happy Valentine's Day! HUGS!!! Charlene & Reba

  21. Monica,
    I just saw beautiful roses in the boutique for either a dress or blouse or hair that other day and drooled over them but did not want to pay the price. You make this look so easy. Since I loved those roses and I just love the finished one you made with the handmade tage, I am going to have to try this. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  22. Beautiful!!

    Thanks for the tutorial!
    Similar to my teabag rose tutorial only more twisting, and prettier when done. =0))

    blessings and Happy Valentine's and Pink Saturday.

  23. Monica,
    Is the very last part of your flower burlap that has had some strings pulled out?


    barbara jean

  24. Hi Monica, Charlene sent me over to see your tutorial. I love your rose, and will try it. I make roses too and always love to learn a new twist. Hope you will drop by to see me one day. Now I need to check out your blog.
    Hugs, Pat

  25. Love this, Monica! Thanks for the steps. Needless to say, I'll be trying this, for sure! Love your valentine cards. Nothing sweeter. You have such a nice variety. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day


  26. Monica,
    Thanks for letting me know about the burlappy (is that a word?) ribbon. =)
    I just love scrolling through your pictures. They are always so beautiful.


    barbara jean

  27. Monica, thanks for the Rose Tutorial, I am going to try them as soon as I can, your above post what an amazing bunch of cards you have. everything is beautiful....Hugs to you, hope you had a great weekend.

  28. You are so kind and generous to share this tutorial with everyone! No matter how hard I try I can't make it look as beautiful as yours!!!
    Margaret B

  29. Monica..
    Your rose is gorgeous..I will try my best to make one as pretty. Thank your for the tutorial..

  30. Monica, I saw this rose in the recent edition of Artful Blogger and am so happy you did a tutorial on making it. Thank you so much.

  31. Monica--
    This is the 1st ribbon rose on the web that I've seen that is so beautiful & classy. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  32. Thank you so much for posting this! It's beautiful!

  33. pretty!
    thank you

  34. WOW! Looks amazing! I'll certainly give them a try! I was just wondering whether they could be sewn up as well. (I don't have a glue gun and prefer sewing anyway...)

  35. LoVe this!
    Thanks so much for your directions!

  36. Still a beautiful Rose Tutorial!! Thanks so much!!

  37. I love how easy your tutorial was to follow. I have been looking for one like this. The burlap is beautiful with it. Thanks!


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